Hello! My name is Meggie.  I am a Chicago based writer and comedian interested in pop culture, intersectional feminism, indie-rock music, and MTV's The Challenge. As a trans-lesbian artist, I pride myself on critiquing toxic narratives surrounding gender and sexuality in mainstream by integrating queer history into my writing as a means of dismantling stigma. In my work I focus on the intersection of television, film, internet culture, and issues facing the LGBTQ+ communities. 

My writing has been published in Instyle, The Outline, Cosmopolitan, Bitch Media, Consequence of Sound, and others. When I'm not writing, I'm performing with my sketch team Meggie and Laura Present and recording episodes of my podcast dissecting early 2000's Young Adult novels called YA, We Read It! In the fall, I plan to release the web series See You in Hell.

I hope you enjoy me as much as I enjoy me and if you don’t, please try to anyways.


me (pictured outside)

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