me (pictured outside)

I am a Chicago based writer and comedian interested in MTV's The Real World, intersectional feminism, indie-rock music, and the trajectory of Adam Sandler's career. I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2016 with a BA in Journalism and English as well as a minor in Theater. When it comes to writing, I'm most enthusiastic to report on myself, dumb jokes I thought of, sexual health, LGBTQ rights, and the coverage of underrepresented narratives in America, particularly stories surrounding elderly law and the federal prison system. 

I am a contributor for the Chicago Reader, the satirical feminist news site Reductress, Hooligan's Magazine and have freelanced for the Outline, Little Village Mag, Collider, and Bitch Media


Outside of magazine writing, I have written fours shows for Second City and filmed the web series See You in Hell with my sketch team Meggie and Laura Present, headlined comedy festivals around America with my improv team Bedtime Slugs, helped create the web series Life of Harold, and have otherwise been trying my best since 1994.

I hope you enjoy me as much as I enjoy me and if you don’t, please try to anyways.